Monday, June 21, 2010

Faerie Sailor Moon

Apologies if you all received my phantom post! O___o

This is a picture I done last year of Sailor Moon as a fairy, this was also my first attempt at drawing Luna!

Also I read an article about a possible new series of Sailor Moon!? I don't know how much is true but I did find some interesting Sailor Moon sites in the process... Moon Chase has tons of SM news and Miss Dream has lots of translations, including the extra comics in the Material and Art book's! ^^


  1. Its not offical, but the voice actress of Luna had lunch with Naoko Takeuchi. Naoko mentions to her that she would like to do something with Sailor Moon again. (something like that) Basically she's just saying that was her thought, but there is nothing offically being done yet. Don't put too much hope into it, until we get offical news. ^-^

  2. This is a very darling picture! I really love the coloring on it. Very nice! I hope that they do something more with Sailor Moon in the future too!