Monday, August 31, 2009


Why, it is a Sailor Chibimoon by the ever lovely and amazing Claire Hummel!
Thank you so much!

Kick it off

Let's get this party started.


So you're interested in contributing art to the SailorMmm blog? How delightful, we'd love to have you. To apply for membership to the SailorMmm blog, simply send an email to requesting to be a member.
Note: You must have a gmail account set up prior to joining.

Members of this blog are expected to be a Sailor Moon fan in some way or form. I mean, why else would you be joining to draw sailor moon and have a place to be surrounded by likewise fellows? In fact, if you just like anything Sailor Moon related for fun then you're pretty much good to go.

If you are interested in submitting art of Sailor Moon to the blog but do not wish to be a full time member, you are very welcome as a guest! Send a link to your image via email to Please include your name and website so that we can link back to you!

Any art style is accepted. You do not need to draw in a style that resembles that of the show or manga. Part of what will make this blog special is that it's Sailor Moon art from all perspectives and unique takes on her and her universe are highly encouraged. As long as it's a drawing of anything Sailor Moon related and in artistic taste, it's welcome.

Artwork on this blog will range anywhere from sketches to finished pieces.

You are not required to only draw Sailor Moon. Remember, if it's been on the show or in the manga, it's totally cool for the blog.

While there is no censorship (at the moment), I cannot allow posts to contain outright pornographic materials. Artistic nudes and the like are allowed, but please refrain from making naughty bits extra naughty. Also, please provide some kind of warning in regards to your image if you deem its rating mature.

Thank you very much and enjoy!

Moon Prism Powah!!

Sailor Moon may not be on American t.v. anymore (and if she is, why haven't you told me?), but that doesn't mean she doesn't live on in the hearts of the children.. that grew up and still draw her. If you've ever been interested, been inspired, or been tickled pink by the anime and manga Sailor Moon then this blog is for you.

My goal in creating this blog was to both present art that celebrated both the character and her universe as well as bring together people who, like me, still draw characters and whatsits from Sailor Moon in an environment where the act is encouraged rather than shunned.

Peace out, y'all! And please enjoy the art!