Tuesday, April 20, 2010

An.. or Anne.. Or Ann...

and even En???

So many ways to spell her name it seems, I just went with Ann for the filename.
She's always been one of my favorite villains, probably because she's so hot and then she has a hot counterpart, and then they both end up being good in the end. That or because her color and fashion sense kick ass.

One idea I've been kicking around lately is to have some kind of Sailormoon villain theme for a week, but school is getting ultra scary right now... so if I did announce something, it would probably not be for a little bit. Maybe even until after I've graduated. youch!

Anyway, here is AnAnneAnnEn.


  1. I love that part of the series. I totally agree. Cute drawing!

  2. Anne was one of my favorite characters too!